Why, we hear you ask? 

Take a seat. We’re going to give you a little lesson that you need to hear… 

First of all, our paper cups are not shipped from halfway across the world, instead they are made just across the Irish Channel in Dublin. This reduces our carbon footprint and supports an economy much closer to home! 

Additionally, our cup manufacturer uses recycled paper material wherever food and hygiene regulations permit and, as of 2019, hold PEFC certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification to be official) to guarantee that all virgin paper stock is sourced from sustainable forestry resources.

Secondly, our TOAST paper cup is a new revolutionary double walled recyclable cup, which not only keeps your coffee hot but also means that having a cup of coffee doesn’t cost the earth (on both counts). It’s also the first cup to receive AAA certification, which means that it’s been specifically engineered to be processed (and therefore recycled) through mixed paper and cardboard waste. 

You may be thinking ’surely most paper cups can be recycled!’, but you would be very much mistaken. This is why we see billions of paper cups go to landfill each year because almost all other paper cups, used by many of the big corporate coffee chains, have a plastic lining. It’s this plastic lining which causes all manner of problems when recycling, unlike our TOAST cups which are recycled very easily. 

Our cup should be seen as a beacon to what is right when using disposable and the more you support what we are doing, we hope the more the big corporations will question their own decisions and move away from these nasty plastic lined cups!

Thirdly, we send nothing to landfill. Absolutely zilch. Nada. Nothing. 

We made ourselves a promise that if we’re going to all this effort with our cups we need to a) make sure it gets recycled and b) it shouldn't just be about recycling our cups, but everything! 

We’ve teamed up with Green Recycling who are a local waste management company who share our passion for recycling. Green Recycling use cutting edge technology to enable them to recycle almost all our waste, from those Toastie crumbs to our paper napkins. IF they can’t recycle it, they turn it into energy. Nothing ends up in landfill, where most of the waste from those coffee-houses-who-won’t-be-named goes.


We want your decision to come to TOAST to be not just about exceptionally great coffee but also to be about that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’re doing the right thing! Having a coffee shouldn’t cost the earth, and at TOAST it doesn’t.